According to the United Nations 2018 Human Development Index (HDI) rankings, which is a composite statistic index that measures key dimensions of human development including life expectancy, education and income per capita, Zambia ranks 144 out of 188.

In Zambia, 59.4% of children live in poor households with 45.4% living in extreme poverty. With the growing population, the number of children out of school is increasing which will lead to even more unemployment. Adolescents who are out of school are more likely to engage in risky behaviours including drinking, crime and violence, substance abuse and unprotected sex.

Grassroots football is both very underfunded and underdeveloped in Zambia with very few clubs offering age-specific training to young children. Even fewer organisations are investing in players education, health and employment. With no proper structure or real pathways to success, football in Zambia has had little acclaimed success in past years.