A quick look back to the game with the Matebeleland Queens.

On the 7 March, 2020, Livingstone Youth FA went head to head against the highly regarded Matebeleland’s Queen Lozi Keyi (all the way from Bulawayo) team in a friendly. The match was based in one of Zimbabwe’s bordering towns, Vic-falls, at the Baobab Primary School.

We were excited to travel to a new country and it was a great experience for our girls. We were intrigued by the different atmosphere. Monkeys roaming freely in areas near people, it was exciting and scary at the same time. The language difference was also quiet something we were intrigued by. It sounded so beautiful to listen to while at the same time funny because we could not understand what was being said.

Though disappointed by the venue it proved to be a successful trip and we beat the Queens. The ladies definitely deserve their reputation they were great rivals to play against. But we still came out victorious.

The match was then followed by a friendly in which our officials played against the officials of the other team. It was quiet interesting to see our play, our secretary proved to be a great keeper and shocked us all with great saves. We attained a 2 to 2. score against the Zimbabwean officials.

All in all the trip was definitely a great success and one we hope to have again. It was a pleasure to have gone against the Queens.

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