Chikankata Diggers vs Livingstone Youth FA

What a weekend! Last weekend was one filled with so much fun, hard-work, travel and victory. Like most of the other weekends we had games. But we also got to travel to the very distant Chikankata city, for a game with the Chikankata Diggers who proved to be another worthy opponent to have faced.

Chikankata Diggers Pre-game warm ups.

The city of Chikankata located in the southern province of Zambia. We got to see that agriculture is clearly still a big part of the cities survival with its fields of green (maize fields mostly) and livestock roaming around. It was indeed an escape from the more urbanized Livingstone.

Francis Simunika with the ball giving the Chikankata players a run for their money.

They tried their best, but for the moment we proved to be the better team coming out with a 0 – 1 win. The game was quiet something with many almost goals from our opponents. But our goal keeper Andrew Moonga was definitely having a great day, as his readiness for most of the shots headed his way tremendous. Despite the disturbance he faced when one of the Chikankata Diggers players stepped on him, putting an end to his winning streak.

Despite the great effort seen from the Chikankata Diggers and the moments the referee disappointed us with certain decisions our goal was by Sean Zulu in the 17 minute putting us ahead of Chikankata Diggers till the finish, with a good enough defense to sustain us. It was definitely another game to remember.

The result leaves us still holding the position 8 in the southern province league standing. We are glad to have had such a great time and we look forward to the next game, Livingstone Youth FA vs Blue Arrows on February 9, 2020.

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