Livingstone Youth Football Academy coach Selina attended a 5 Day young women football coaches training course in Lusaka.

Selina Mashewa recently returned from a grass root football and football3 training course. She attended the training for her capacity building and also to gain knowledge that will push the academy’s objectives of using football as a tool for social change.

She was trained in a unique way of playing football that can be adapted to various campaigns for social change. She learnt how to make and plan training sessions and marrying social issues to a football session, preparing her to be a mediator of the game and how to be an advocate of change through the use of football.

The youths in the academy will have a unique footballing experience that tackles pressing societal issues such as gender based violence, gender equality, child abuse and a myriad other issues. Selina is now equipped with the knowledge of delivering influence driven football coaching.

“The training has helped with my coaching career and technical knowledge. I have learnt that a coach is a role model, and this has built me to be someone the girls and boys in the academy can look up to.”

Her training also includes using football for women and girl’s inclusion, peace building, employability and health.  By establishing fair play and observing football rules, Selina has the tools through which social issues can be tackled and have long lasting results.

Selina explains that football can be used to prevent violence and resolve conflicts peacefully through observing the lessons of fair play in our daily contexts. Having being trained in an adaptable methodology that can be aligned with the specific needs and social topics of a particular context, Selina can now use football to train employability skills in young people, gender equality as well as health issues.

At the end of her training, Selina was awarded certification for successfully completing her training and becoming a young woman football coach. She is now back at the academy implementing these techniques of using football as a force for good.

By Kennan Zulu

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