The Livingstone Youth Football Academy recently got accepted to this incredible crowdfunding site called Global Giving.

This is a huge opportunity for the academy to raise money to grow its programs by investing in income generating programs aimed at the academy becoming self sustainable.

The campaign is huge exposure for LYFA, but the initiation and requirements to gain a permanent spot on the site are tough. LYFA has until 30 September 2019 to raise $5000 from at least 40 unique donors. It seems manageable but the academy will need as much help from its supporters.

The project is raising money to train 20 girls in human rights and sustainable development goals and help them become ambassadors of human rights in their communities in Livingstone.

The girls will also have the opportunity to travel to Cape Town and compete in the Human Rights Cup with the objectives of promoting human rights, peace building and exposure of problem afflicted communities.

As a result we hope to have a more educated community on human rights and responsibilities and increased awareness of the problem and those afflicted by it.

The training and participation with raise awareness about human right for the girls and community. In the long term we hope we have more reports on abuse of human rights and a lot of support from the community in ensuring peace and justice for children.

Visit the following link to support the girls

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