After another three month long training block, LYFA hosted a tournament to assess the impact of the training.

LYFA trainers were deployed to other football academies in Livingstone to deliver sexual health awareness training through football drills in a fun and interactive way. The curriculum and lessons delivered are prepared and developed by Tackle Africa.

The training block brought together myriad teams to participate in the tournament and access the free pitch side counselling and testing facility.

The tournament was successful as it got some people access to free HIV testing. It provides a stigma free and open environment for people to test and get counselling.

The tournament recorded 131 people that accessed the HIV testing. All those tested were found negative.

The 22 trainers that did the actual training were not left out this time around. After all their good work, sensitizing young people around Livingstone about their sexual health, the trainers were awarded certificates.

They are going to go through a training of trainers course that will enable them to be facilitators and train other young people to be trainers. This will broaden the reach of the academy in sensitizing young people about their sexual and reproductive health rights.

By Kennan Zulu

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