We are proud to report that some players have graduated and gone up the ladder in our academy hierarchy.

The progressions involve male players graduating from the younger to older academies. This means their personal training targets have changed and becoming more tactical and cognitive in nature.

5 boys have graduated from the Under-14 team to Under-17 and these are; Mordecai Musumali, Raddy Hamukuyu, Sitali Zulu, John Machobani and Isaac Chansa.

4 boys have now moved from Under-12 to Under 14. Musole Mwenda, Ashley Mpala, Howard Banda and Besta Simunomba.

6 boys have been promoted from Under-10 to Under-12 and they are; Isiah Banda, Isaac Nyundu, Julies Mumba, Simon Mambo, Steven Sitwala and Davie Mwale.

Some of the girls are yet to progress into the senior team and get a step closer to achieving footballing greatness. The ladies team is however growing in size as more ladies are signing up to be on board LYFA’s team.

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