Choma’s Musanza Police came to the LYFA home field with an aim of collecting three points from the home team. Coach Serge made his starting 11 to face off the Police in a tense match that ended in LYLFA’s favour.

The game was action packed starting from just moments into the match when a LYFA attack was crudely defended by a solid Musanza defense.

6 minutes into the game, LYFA had an opportunity to get ahead through a free kick in a dangerous position that was not converted into a goal. LYFA kept up the pressure and kept Musanza on the defensive forcing the visitors to make their first substitute in the 26th minute.

In the 30th minute Musanza had a chance to score when their left winger crossed a deadly ball across the face of goal but no striker was able to tap it into the goal.

The game was deadlocked at the stroke of half time with no goals to report. LYFA came into the second half with a revived force as they put the pressure on the visitors with a series of chances that were not converted. Kasaila shot just wide off the mark in the 52nd minute as the Musanza defense failed to mark him.

LYFA was able to break the tie in the 56th minute through a Lawrence penalty that was converted with ease putting LYFA one goal ahead. The goal seemed to awaken the morale of LYFA as Jerry fired one from distance whooshing just over the crossbar igniting an eager crowds support.

The visitors pushed on and brought the pressure against LYFA although the home side was able to defend each wave of the visitor’s superb attacking efforts. The game pressed on without any changes to the score. Full time score; LYFA 1-0 Musanza Police.

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